Terror plot by “Palestinian” linked to ISIS stopped in Italy

by Leah Rosenberg

Will the world finally realize that it is not just about Israel? How many more terror plots will it take before everyone wakes up?

Terror Plot in Italy Stopped

Thank God, a terrible tragedy was averted. A “Palestinian” man with links to ISIS had planned to poison the water supply in Sardinia, Italy. Is Italy not a peaceful country?

But the terrorist was stopped. What would have happened if he was not stopped? What would the world have said then?

The man is “Palestinian.” And he tried to carry out a terror attack NOT against Israel. That means that all the terrorism is not about Israel. Radical Islamists do not only hate Israel. They hate all who represent freedom. And once the world realizes that, maybe all freedom-loving people will stop demonizing the Jewish state.

Wake Up, World!

All the criticism against Israel MUST stop! Israel is fighting YOUR fight. Israel is fighting EVERYONE’s fight.

How many more terrorist attacks need to happen before the international world will recognize that?

Israel has been dealing with this on all its borders for decades. Really, they have been facing terror since the beginning of time. From their Temple being burned and the Jews being exiled, to pogroms, the Holocaust, and “Palestinian” terrorism, the Jewish people have dealt with different forms of terror. They have encountered more than any nation would ever want to encounter.

Support Israel in the fight against terrorism. Otherwise, you are supporting terrorism. It is really just that simple.


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