Bibi’s warning to the world as terror tunnels are found at Israel’s northern border

by Leah Rosenberg

Israel’s borders have lots of holes underneath them.  The holes are tunnels that terrorists have dug under the border fences.

A wall and a fence are good, but if there are terror tunnels beneath them, then they are not very effective.

The Importance of Land

Many experts – even former soldiers – claim that in today’s day and age, land is not as important for security.  They claim that hi-tech cyber security and a strong air force is the most important thing for security today.  They claim that land is expendable.  This is totally wrong.

There is no question that drones and other unmanned bombers are very effective weapons against terrorists.  However, without land, terrorists cannot stage attacks easily.  If they are far away from a border, they need more than small missiles to attack.  They need medium or long-range missiles that are more expensive.

Land keeps the Peace

Now we see that there is a huge difference between a 2 mile tunnel and a 20 mile tunnel.  So the next time that anyone says that Israel doesn’t need land, and they should sacrifice it for peace, tell them that holding land brings peace.  The decision to give away land furthers peace.

The most important thing that Israel has is their Land.  Not only because it is the Holy Land.  But also because the Land keeps the Arabs away from the main parts of Israel’s heartland.

In the Yom Kippur War, Israel was caught unprepared.  But sinice, Israel had won alot of Land in the 1967 war, they were able to gain their bearings and counterattack and win.  The Land is critical.


Dr. Risch

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