“Palestinian” Arab Diplomat Finally Grilled on TV Program

by Avi Abelow

This was a first and it was beautiful to watch. Usually, tv interviewers allow “palestinian” Arab terrorist diplomats to lie without any simple challenging questions. One has to watch the full interview (by Tim Sebastian on DW Conflict Zone) below. It is refreshing to finally see a “palestinian” Arab leader grilled like this.

Money Quote

“Well look, if you want me to be perfect, I am not perfect.” ~ Saeb Erekat, Palestinian Authority negotiator and diplomat.

Corruption, human rights abuses, calling the Palestinian Authority a democracy where the leader, Abbas, is in his 13th year of a 4 year reign! It has been a long time coming for these self-identified palestinian Arabs to be called out for the facade that they are. They are not interested in peace, they are not a democracy and they hardly ever tell truth, ever. It’s about time that a journalist asked representatives of the palestinian Arabs challenging questions, that highlight their deceit and terror ways, even towards their own people!

Watch the Full “Grilling” Interview

For years the media has allowed this enemy of Israel to freely lie about everything. They say they are pro-peace, yet they have used terror against us for over 100 years, and even since the “peace” process began in 1993. Almost immediately after the signing of the Oslo peace accords, Arafat led a suicide bombing campaign across Israel. No Israeli knew if they would safely get off a bus ride, from any point in Israel.

After 20 years of independence, the Palestinian Authority never invested in its people. The biggest employer in the territory under Palestinian Authority rule is the Palestinian Authority! As one can imagine, the corruption is also rampant. Many of the upper echelons of the Palestinian Authority establishment, including Mahmoud Abbas himslef, are millionaires. Abbas’ children are also millionaires. If the biggest employer is the Palestinian Authority itself, then how are these leaders millionaires? One only has to follow the hundreds of millions of dollars in aid they receive from American and European tax-payers. For twenty years the Western world and the media have been silent about this corruption. This interview finally brought up the issue.

You don’t say! Understatement of the Israeli – Palestinian conflict!

Chief Palestinian ‘Negotiator’ and diplomat Saeb Erekat when grilled about PA crackdown on democracy and lack of advancement on Israeli – Palestinian peace.

Arab Incitement
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