If a Holocaust survivor has the strength to do this, we all should

by Chaya Cikk

This is an inspiring story from a Holocaust survivor. If a Holocaust survivor has the strength then we all have the strength. There is only one word to describe what she went through and that is hell. Yet, this survivor found the strength to continue and do amazing things.

Holocaust Survivor

There were over 6 million Jews murdered during the Holocaust. However, it left so many more survivors. People who survived the camps, they had no homes to go to, no community to return to and many had no idea what happened to their families. Many of the survivors ended up in DP (displaced person) Camps across Europe.

Eventually, many of the survivors started making their way to countries in Western Europe, many to England. Some continued from there and went to North America and settled down. Above all, many try to make their way to the land of Israel. Eventually, ending up in DP Camps in Cyprus. Many children were sent to orphanages and were slowly adopted by loving families. Like Leah, adopted by a family in Canada.

Choosing Life

More importantly, the survivors were given another chance at life. A chance to start fresh. Those who lost families started new ones and those who lost homes built new ones. Considering that Hitler had wanted to destroy the Jews, I would say that he failed. Additionally, if we look at all the families that came out of the Holocaust it truly is something special. Just Leah, had 3 sons, from that 22 grandchildren, from that even more great-grandchildren. Imagine what happened with our survivors who were married.

Finally, each survivor has their own individual and inspiring story. Each story should be recorded and written down to tell the rest of the world. This Holocaust survivor has the strength, in order to live, to remember to tell the rest of the world. We need to continue their legacy.

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