Israel Increases Pressure On Iran With Weeks To Go Before Inauguration

by David Mark

Whether or not President Trump can pull off the ultimate comeback, Israel is taking no chances. During Secretary of State Mike Pompeo’s visit to Israel, both Prime Minister Netanyahu and the Secretary of State made it clear that their maximum pressure campaign will continue.

The Trump administration is expected to increase santions in the run up before a possible Biden Presidency. Yet, that is not all. While it is clear that the rumors of President Trump’s preemptive strike on Iran, are just that – rumors, the fact that the Abraham Accord offers Israel strike capabilities without flying over Iraq should be seen as a viable possibility by the Israel-Sunni alliance.

Where does all of this lead? To the reminder that while the US is pushing against Iran with sanctions, the Sunni Gulf States and Israel are taking a potential Biden administration far more seriously. It is clear that the Trump administration is trying to tie the hands of a potential Biden administration from walking back into the JCPOA (aka the Iran Nuclear Deal), but perhaps the White House is doing more. By allowing a strike on Iran before Trump potentially leaves, the USA will buy the region time whether Biden capitulates to Iran’s demands or not.

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