Israel just made a technological breakthrough to prevent civilian casualties

by Leah Rosenberg

This one technological breakthrough says more about Israel and the IDF than many things. Israel values life. All life. It’s that simple.

Technological Breakthrough

Israel is a country surrounded by nations and governments that seek to destroy its very existence. They want to end the Jewish people and the Jewish state as we know it. The IDF is forced to defend its people and land at every moment. And how they do it is remarkable. Why? Because not only do they defend themselves, but they also go to great lengths to prevent the death of civilians on the ENEMY side. This technological breakthrough proves that.

Israel spends money trying to prevent death. Many countries would not be as generous as Israel is. Many would just destroy an entire building if there were weapons and terrorists inside, despite the fact that civilians would be killed. But not Israel. Israel goes out of its way to stop innocent people from being killed.

Israeli Tech Changes the World

Israel is constantly developing new technology in every area. It is amazing how such a small country has made such a large impact on the world. If someone did not know the size of Israel, he would think that it is one of the world’s largest countries. Why? Well, firstly, because it gets more media attention and attention in general than probably any other country in the world. And secondly, because of the advancements it has made in medicine, science, agricultural, military, and more.

For the modern state being just 72 years old, Israel has done pretty well for itself!

Debunking Media Lies
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