Paul Weston’s epic response to every pro-Muslim politician

by Leah Rosenberg

Paul Weston shares some important historical facts. He doesn’t hold back. But it’s the truth. And if other people won’t tell it, he will.

Paul Weston on Religion of Peace

Paul Weston is a British politician. This video is sadly still so relevant. Many world leaders are appeasing Muslims, ignoring what Muslim countries are doing to their own people, and giving up on Western values. This is a lucid explanation of why Islam is not, historically or religiously, a religion of peace.

Weston’s explanation, using detailed examples, is clear and alarming. Facts are facts. You can’t deny history and truth. As Muslims reach larger and larger numbers in the Western world, people need to be aware. Closing your eyes and ignoring what is happening will only harm you later.

Are all Muslims bad? Surely not. But Paul Weston makes some points that the world cannot ignore. It is sometimes hard to hear the truth. But if our world leaders are not accepting the truth, where are we headed?

We need strong Western leaders who won’t be afraid to say the truth, defend the truth, and fight for Western values. We have no other choice if we want the Western world to be strong, thrive, and survive.

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