Israel unveiled technology that will make sci-fi movies look like the Stone Age

by Chaya Cikk

This amazing new technology that Israel is inventing is amazing! It’ll help Israel move forward and build a better future for Israel and the rest of the World.

Israel & Technology

Israel has developed so much new technology in such a small amount of time, it’s amazing! There are almost 2000 start-ups in Israel and they are creating something new every week. 2000 start-ups in so many different fields. They are inventing new apps every moment, new ways to help agriculture, new medicine initiatives, and so much more.

Besides Israel inventing this defense system, it has done so much more. Such as, Waze which people use for GPS. The re-walk to help those paralyzed be able to walk again. The pill camera, which helps Doctor’s see inside of you to know what’s wrong. So much medicine to help fight so many diseases, Parkinsons, Diabetes, Cancer and more.

Finally, this is the future to a better World to live in. Furthermore, we all want a better World for our children to grow up in. Israel is improving the world one step at a time.

Iron Dome

The Iron Dome is the missile defense system made by the Rafael Advanced Defense Systems Company. The idea is based on that of the current Iron Dome, which is placed all over Israel. It launches a missile and as a result, the incoming rocket is intercepted.

This updated version would be called the Iron Beam. It will be based on using lasers, how cool right? Consequently, this version will be more accurate and manage to bring down more missiles safely than any other defense system.

Why does Israel even need an Iron Dome? Well, these rockets are fired from Israel’s neighbors. These neighbors wish nothing more than for the destruction. Consequently, the Iron Dome was invented to help protect the citizens.


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