Tucker Carlson slams Democratic congresswoman for hating America

by Phil Schneider

Tucker has a lot of criticism for the critics. He can’t stand the fact that Ilhan Omar – who arrived in America due to American immigration laws – is now the greatest critic in the US Congress of American immigration laws. Omar is now a powerful force in America – all because America is so great. And what has Omar done to show her gratitude? She spends all day and night criticizing the United States of America. She uses her newfound power to criticize and say one statement after another how much she literally despises the United States of America.

Stricter Immigration Laws

Carlson calls Ilhan Omar a living fire alarm. What an excellent description of exactly what Omar should serve as. Omar could only do what she is doing because the United States of America is so amazing. She is free because of the USA, yet criticizes the USA for its lack of freedom. She is a walking hypocrite.

The key question is what will we do about it. Will we look at people like this who rise to powerful positions and just shrug our shoulders, or will we stand up and say that immigration laws have to be tightened to disallow a mass wave of people to our shores who clearly are against the way of life that we live as Americans. If we democratically allow the United States to be democratically elected out of being a Western democracy, we only have our own progressive policies to blame. The #1 issue of every election must be our stance on immigration laws. It’s not a pleasant subject. But either there is law and order, or there will be chaos with dire ramifications. Tucker Carlson is right for spreading the alarm on this issue.

The full video can be seen below:

Roe vs. Wade

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