Israel helps its Arab Muslim neighbors in war-torn Syria in ways you never expected

by Leah Rosenberg

This story must be shared. Once again, Israel is helping the Syrians in their war-torn country. That is the truth about what Israel does at its borders.

Syrians in the Civil War

Over 400,000 people have been murdered in Syria over the course of their civil war. You would never know that it is the bloodiest conflict in the world because the media cares more about blaming Israel for what terrorists are doing at the Gaza border. Syria doesn’t make the same news headlines that Gaza does. Because if the media can’t involve Israel and portray them in a negative light, then they just ignore the story.

But what’s happening to Syrians is terrible. And Israel has not been ignoring it. Israelis have been helping Syrians in so many ways and in so many missions. The IDF helps, humanitarian organizations help – Israelis care.

Just Beyond Our Border

Just Beyond Our Border is one Israeli organization that helps Syrians. It focuses on children and babies and provides humanitarian and medical aid. These Israelis are not helping in order to get a “favor” back. They help out of complete selflessness. Although some Syrians do say thank you and are so grateful to have their children and babies cared for, that is not why the organization does what it does. They will continue to help even without recognition.

Jews care about people. Even when it’s not their own people, they care. And it’s absolutely beautiful to see a nation like that.

Maybe the media should start sharing this story. It’s just the truth.


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