Ireland supports boycotts and calls Israel an apartheid state

by Leah Rosenberg

Ireland’s government is completely anti Israel. Their policies and their people reflect that. They have just passed a law which boycotts Israel.

Ireland’s New Bill

Ireland has recently passed a new law that boycotts trade with Israeli “settlements.” The law says that trade will be considered a “criminal offense.” Where are the laws saying that Hamas infiltrating Israel is a criminal offense and that it’s illegal to support them? Why is the government so one-sided and anti Israel? Ireland’s government certainly portrays anti-Semitism.

Anti Israel Government

Ireland’s government claims that Israel is committing war crimes. They feel Israel is an apartheid state and that they can’t support such things. Despite that being completely false, it is absurd that they do not address the “Palestinian” terrorism that has been going on for decades and decades. It seems like they don’t care at all when Arabs kill Israelis. When governments are so anti Israel, they completely ignore that Israelis have been murdered by “Palestinian” terrorists and that Israel is just trying to defend itself. Israel allows Arabs to live in the Jewish homeland – as long as they don’t try to destroy the state and the people.

One member of Ireland’s government said, “Israel is an apartheid state, and yes, we must stand against apartheid.” Why doesn’t he mention that they must stand against Hamas and terrorism? Why do they single out Israel?

Is Israel an Apartheid State?

It is probably the most ridiculous idea to call Israel an apartheid state – it’s almost laughable! Arabs themselves don’t even think that Israel discriminates against them. How is Israel doing anything that resembles apartheid? Arabs, Jews, Christians and every other faith can practice their religions freely in Israel. Their are mosques, synagogues, and churches throughout the country. Can you say that about Arab countries? Muslims in Arab countries torture, murder, and oppress anyone who is not like them. Israel gives equal rights to all. Get the facts straight!

Arab Incitement
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