Syrian refugees crowd Israel’s border seeking protection

by Avi Abelow

Syrian refugees continue to run for safety from Assad and camp out on the Syrian border with Israel.

Running from Assad

Assad continues his military campaign to regain control of Syria from the rebels. This is all possible thanks to the support Assad is receiving from Russia and Iran. Southern Syria is the final region that remains to be retaken.

Hundreds of thousands of Syrians have fled their homes because of Assad’s military campaign destroying their homes and cities. Many of them fled to the Jordanian border, with many others fleeing to the Israeli border.

Israel cannot take in any of these Syrian refugees because they pose a huge security risk to Israel. Israel has no clue which of the refugees are actual refugees and which ones are Iranian Shiite militiamen that dress up as Syrian refugees.

However, Israel is providing a lot of humanitarian aid and medical services to these Syrian refugees.

Why the Israeli border?

Why are these Syrian refugees camping out on the Israeli border? These refugees understand that Israel will do everything to protect their border from Syrian aggression. They believe therefore that the Israeli border is the safest border to escape Assad’s aggression because if he uses his military near the Israeli border he will provoke Israel to retaliate.

The Syrian refugees also know all about the humanitarian assistance that Israel has been providing other Syrian refugees over the years. While at one point in time any Syrian who received medical assistance in Israel had to hide that information from their fellow Syrians after returning home, today that no longer is the situation. They are very open about the assistance that they are receiving from Israel.

This is a huge change.

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