Florida Police: Man Planned to Set Building on Fire to ‘kill all Jews’

by Avi Abelow

Florida police arrested 72 year old Walter Edward Stolper in Miami Beach.  Stolper dumped several gasoline-filled containers down a trash chute in his apartment building in Miami Beach.  His plan was to kill the Jews in his building. As a result, the police charged Stolper with first-degree attempt of arson and attempt of murder.

The Plan

Stolper lived in an apartment full of swastikas and Nazi memorabilia.  He came very close to blowing up a condo building in Miami Beach. Miami Beach Police say they arrived literally minutes before the 72-year-old Stolper would have lit the Pavilion Residences at 5601 Collins Avenue on fire.  This would have potentially killed many people and been a horrible tragedy.

The police received a tip about Stolper’s plan to kill the Jews in his building, from a friend, Luis Diaz.

Turned in by a friend

Luis Diaz turned his friend of 10 years into police after the 72-year-old told him of his plan.

“A comment that he made to me, it actually bothered me,” Diaz said. “[Stopler said] that he was gonna burn the building down with a bunch of Jews in it.”

The residents of the building owe their lives to Luis Diaz. As a friend he could have ignored Stolper’s comment.  Or he could have chosen to not take it seriously. Thankfully, Diaz took the threat seriously and called the police immediately.  It was just in time for the police.  They stopped Stolper from carrying out his horrible plan and saved many lives.

Pure Hatred

Stolper later told police he planned to burn down the building with “all the [expletive] Jews” to “kill all” of them. Detectives believe that the disgruntled tenant wanted to carry out the potentially deadly act because of an upcoming eviction.  Obviously, by his words, he also had much anger toward his Jewish neighbors.  Disgruntled tenants is not a new phenomenon.  But this tenant took things way too far.

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