Israel Is Fighting A Two Front War

by David Mark

The strengthening of Israel’s alliance in the Eastern Mediterranean with Greece and Cyprus has often been overlooked as the Abraham Accords have garnered international attention as a paradigm breaking event.

In many ways observers have been correct in viewing the Abraham Accords as a major shift in the Middle East, but Israel’s Eastern Mediterranean Alliance has changed the nucleus of power when it comes to Turkey. This is not only important for Turkey’s longtime enemy Greece, but also Jerusalem.

Israel has long been the target for Turkey’s Islamist President Erdogan, who makes no secret of his plans to reconquer Jerusalem from Israel.

Israel’s strengthening cooperation with Greece and Cyprus in energy, tourism, and security comes at the expense of Erdogan’s Turkey. It also means that Israel’s position in the region is enhanced as it is serves as the security and technology bridge between the Gulf Sunni states and Greece – making it an indispensable ally to both sides.

While Turkey does not make genocidal threats against the world like Iran does, it is considered just as dangerous and the source for most of the instability in the Middle East outside of Iran.

With the Biden administration treading water when it comes to a coherent strategy to the Middle East and most importantly China, the two burgeoning alliances Israel has cultivated have become key two handling the Jewish State’s two front war.

The coming conflict with Iran, requires a stable bulwark against Turkish aggression to Israel’s northeast. The alliance with Greece and Cyprus provides Israel with the strategic depth it needs to maintain focus on crippling Iran’s growing hegemony in the Middle East.

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