The Palestinian leadership has fooled the entire world

by Avi Abelow

The Palestinian leadership has educated its people with hatred by making them think it’s dedication. And here is how.

Palestinian Leadership Plants Trees of Hate

If you didn’t know anything about the Palestinian leadership and the terrorists they promote, you might think that they are teaching their people dedication and love for a certain cause. The PLO man here talks about planting trees and a commemoration ceremony. After all, Israelis also plant trees and have commemoration ceremonies. So what is the difference? Well, the Palestinian Arabs are planting trees and commemorating terrorists who have murdered innocent Jewish men, women, and children. They are promoting those who have killed innocent Israelis in cold blood; who have bombed, stabbed, and gunned down people who committed no crime besides living in their promised homeland and being born into a nation that lives for a purpose.

Israelis also remember their fallen. But Israel’s fallen consist of peace-loving people who just were trying to defend their families from the barbaric murderers that surround their small piece of land. Israel’s fallen are those who defended a cause dedicated to the Jewish people and G-d, not a cause of hatred and brutality.

There is a stark difference between the Palestinian Arab terrorists and Jewish Israelis. And yet, the world seems to constantly be fooled.

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