Arab boy walks around Temple Mount with toy machine gun

by Phil Schneider

The Temple Mount is the holiest place in the world to the Jewish people. But if one were to walk there today, they would see clearly that it is in the hands of the Arabs who are in charge there. Even though the Temple Mount was liberated from the Jordanian occupiers in 1967, Israel made it a point to the local Arabs that they had no intention to remove the Arab mosque that was located on the holiest site of the Jewish people.

Today, any time that a group of Jews want to do as much as pray a short Jewish prayer on the Temple Mount, they are harassed by Arabs who object to any Jewish presence on the Mount. For many Arabs around the State of Israel, the Temple Mount is the most important symbol of their antagonism to Jewish sovereignty in the State of Israel. They have every reason to be concerned. After all, the Temple Mount is the very site that the Jewish Temple stood for more than 800 years and the Jewish people have not stopped yearning for the rebuilding of the Temple.

It is hard to imagine how the Temple Mount will NOT be the site of a major conflagration in the future. After all, the Jewish people, all over the world, are all praying for the rebuilding of the Temple in that spot. On the flip side, even more moderate Arabs would be vehemently opposed to any form of removal of one of their mosques, let alone the Temple Mount. But imagine what would happen if a Jewish child were to walk around an area of a Mosque with a toy machine gun. We have much to pray for if we hope to have peace in the Middle East.

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