Setting the record straight about Orthodox Jews to NBC and the world

by Leah Rosenberg

Orthodox Jews have been wrongly represented on TV shows many times. And it is pure antisemitism. Here are some things to know about Jews.

The Truth about Orthodox Jews

First, a Saturday Night Live skit spread a blood libel about Israel and its vaccination campaign. SNL made a joke that Israel has vaccinated just its Jewish population. And how wrong they are. Israeli Arabs have been vaccinated too. And then NBC continued with its antisemitic streak and aired an episode of a show called “Nurses” where they misrepresented Orthodox Jews, specifically Hasidic Jews. But they did not only misrepresent them, they spread a vicious lie. Although the episode has since been removed, the damage is already done. Anyone who watched that episode now views Jews in a negative light based on lies.

The episode claimed that Jews would not take a bone donation from a non-Jew. That is a lie! How dare they air such a vicious episode of a TV show?


As the famous “Jew in the City” (or Allison Josephs) talks about in this video, educating yourself about the Orthodox community, or really any community, is the key to combatting the lies and stopping the hate. The more people know, the less these lies will spread throughout the world.

There is not even just one sect of Orthodox Judaism. There are many different sects, and NBC did not portray anything factual in their episode of “Nurses.” And the thing is, airing an episode like this is not harmless. It is very, very harmful. People act out and attack Jews because they think Jews are evil. Although that is far from the truth, when they see it on TV, they believe it.

Orthodox Jews are honest. As Allison Josephs says here, “We are not a perfect community. Like all communities, we have issues. But that doesn’t mean that we don’t deserve the dignity that all human beings deserve when we get depicted in the media.”

Let’s all start seeking the truth a little more.

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