Israel’s Nightmare Has Begun As China and Biden Side With Iran

by David Mark

Joe Biden was always considered a compromised candidate when it came to his son’s dealings with the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). American’s somehow disregarded the warnings when it came to election day and “seemingly voted” for him anyway.

Folding to China on trade issues and technology might be bad for America, but allowing the CCP to co-opt Washington’s foreign policy when it comes to Iran is dangerous for Israel and much of the world.

Yet, this is exactly what’s happening. The CCP inked a 25 year accord with the Iranians at the same time the Biden administration has decided to retreat on compliance issues when it comes to Iran’s nuclear ambitions.

These two occurrences are not assumed to be isolated events but are rather viewed by Israel and its Sunni-Arab allies as game changing, shifting the balance of power in Iran’s favor.

“On the one hand, China opposes Iran having a nuclear bomb, but on the other, it’s not helping to stop it. Iran, too, needs the political protection in which China would stop the United States from pressuring it. The Chinese understand the Biden administration is not the Trump administration and can be much more aggressive,” Amos Yadlin, Former head of Military Intelligence Directorate for Israel said.

Despite the chaos in Israel following the country’s contentious elections, the chances of direct conflict with Iran has now risen considerably due to Biden’s foreign policy recalibration.

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