CNN international hosts Iranian woman who took American hostages in ’79

by Phil Schneider

Iran is a country that is comprised of two large groups. The radical Islamic group is in charge today and has been in charge since 1979. But there is a moderate Persian group that was in power for decades before they were overthrown. There were certainly issues of corruption and many detractors who objected to The Shah. However, The Shah of Iran, was the leader who brought the Iranian government to be far more moderate than anything that we know today from the present dictatorship in Iran.

In 1979, Iran went through an earthquake. A large group of radical Islamists stormed and took over the seats of power. They brought down the Western-oriented Shah of Iran. The Ayatollahs became the most powerful people in Iran. At the time when this occurred, the main concern that the world was concerned with were the hundreds of American hostages that were taken at the American Embassy. Jimmy Carter ended up spending the last year of his presidency focusing on freeing these hostages. It would cloud his chances of reelection and ultimately may have been the main reason that Carter was perceived as a weak leader in the face of totalitarian threats. The Cold War with the Soviet Union was still very much alive and well, and the United States did not seem to have an upper hand against Brezhnev and the Soviet Union.

Ronald Reagan was elected in a landslide election and then proceeded to focus on winning the Cold War and doing as much as he could to remove the government from the lives of United States citizens. But Iran was an issue on the back-burner. But by the turn of the 21st century, Iran’s growing nuclear threat became a major issue – not only for Israel – but for the entire Western world. Let us not forget that Ronald Reagan’s policies led us to winning the Cold War and advancing the cause of peace, or at least non-belligerency, with the former Soviet Union. The same can be the case with Iran. But we must do all we can to prop up the forces of democracy in Iran and not those who want to bring the world back to the Dark Ages.

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