The ‘Master of Silence’ who saved countless children during the Holocaust

by Leah Rosenberg

There are so many unknown heroes of the Holocaust. So many people, Jews and non-Jews alike, risked their lives to save the Jewish nation.

Heroes of the Holocaust

Some stories of the Holocaust are more well known, and some many people have never heard about. Everyone who risked their lives to save the Jewish people should be recognized and honored.

Marcel Marceau was a true hero. He used the skills that G-d gave him to try to save children from being sent to forced labor camps. Despite his own struggles and hardship, he still dedicated his life during WWII to help others.

Although his stage name of “Bip the clown” might be more well known, his story from WWII was at one point relatively unknown.

Remembering the Heroes

All the stories of the Holocaust must be remembered and kept alive. The bad and the good must be talked about. Each generation must be educated about the Holocaust in detail. With so much Holocaust denial in the world, we need to fight back with remembering. And we also need to remember the stories of those who gave everything to save others; who risked it all to save even one life. The more we remember and talk about the past, the more we can ensure that it won’t be repeated. The more we use memory to fight the denial, the louder we will be and the quieter they will be.

Never forget – the tragedy, the hardship, the heroism, and the strength of all those who lived through one of the darkest times in human history.

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