Making Sense Of Israel’s Election Chaos

by Gavriel Dan

The recent Knesset election has essentially produced no change in the blocks. Prime Minister Netanyahu has 59 and the opposing block as 57. There is one Islamist party that is currently neutral.

With fear rising that the politicians are already planning on going to a fifth election, many are wondering if Knesset members are willing to put their egos aside and find some way to form a stable governing coalition.

Gidon Saar, a former Likud member and rival to Netanyahu still insists that he won’t join a Netanyahu led government – essentially dooming the chances of making rightwing coalition.

The Arab party Raam has been playing it cool, with members of both camps quietly wondering how to bring them in without burning the base.

So what’s the deal? Why is so hard fo Bibi to break the 61 seats ceiling needed. When it comes down to it – ego. Israel politicians have to shelve there egos long enough so the country an be pulled out of the crisis it finds itself it.

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