China Wants to Make “Peace” Between Israel and the “Palestinian” Authority

by Micha Gefen

With the Middle East undergoing a massive paradigm shift following the Abraham Accords, it was assumed that the “palestinian” issue was behind it. However, China is seeking to once again revive the possibility of a negotiated solution. The question is why?

The “palestinian” issue has always been used as a sort of weapon or trojan horse against Israel. First it was the Soviet Union, then the antisemitic-left, and now China.

China see the Abraham accords as a major roadblock to its vision of control over the Middle East, which it needs for its ever growing energy needs. The main tool for China’s path to control is Iran. The Abraham Accords is essentially an alliance to stop Iran and shift the region to the future.

China is hoping that a revival of the failed “peace” attempts between Israel and the “palestinians” will create a fissure between Israel and its new Arab partners. Of course, China is assuming that the Sunni-Gulf states still care about the “palestinian” issue. These days, that is a stretch.

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