Israeli Arab puts UN in its place after “racist vaccine” accusations

by Phil Schneider

Is Israel’s vaccine program immoral? Let’s look at the facts. Yoseph Haddad, an Israeli Arab rips apart this accusation. Actually, Arabs and Jews together are working together to vaccinate all Jews, Arabs, and Christians in Israel. If there is one thing to learn from Israel, it is the way that it takes care of all of it’s minorities’ medical needs.

The medical needs of Israel are dealt with in a relatively socialist manner. Israel has several medical organizations that every citizen of the State of Israel must be a member of. That insures that every single person living in the State of Israel is insured and cared for.

But even those who are not citizens of the State of Israel and live under the Palestinian Authority can walk in or take an ambulance into an Israeli hospital. They will all be treated – Jews and Arabs side by side. And yes, Jewish and Arab doctors work together to treat Jewish and Arab patients.

So, the next time somebody accuses Israel of apartheid, ask them if they ever walked into an Israeli hospital. Joseph Haddad is correct. Israel is the best place to be an Arab in the entire Middle East.

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