The race to rescue archaeological treasures from looters has unearthed the incredible

by Leah Rosenberg

There have been countless archaeological treasures discovered throughout the land of Israel. Some of the most recent are beyond amazing.

Incredible Archaeological Treasures

This is not the first set of archaeological treasures in Israel that have been uncovered, and it probably won’t be the last. But as discussed in the video, there are definitely some historic findings here. Looters are trying to steal ancient history, but archaeologists won’t let them. These items are just too valuable to fall into the wrong hands. So instead of waiting for looters to steal, archaeologists are beating them to it by digging more and more.

And it is truly fascinating that a 2,000 year old Greek translation of two of the books of the Bible were found. 2,000 years! That is mind-boggling and exciting. Thank G-d archaeologists found this before looters did! These artifacts are quite revealing of the times. Can you imagine how much more is just sitting in the Earth waiting for someone to come and dig?

The Beauty of Israel

Israel is definitely a unique country. It is not everywhere that ancient artifacts are discovered on a constant basis. It is not everywhere that you feel ancient history surrounding you on the streets, the mountains, and the valleys. Part of Israel’s beauty is the way the ancient and the modern meet. Part of what so many people love about the Jewish state is how history reveals itself with tangible evidence. Whether it is ancient coins, baskets, pottery, or even dice, Israel is filled with stories just waiting to be dug up.

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