Israel Smacks Iran In Heavy Bombardment Near Iraq

by David Mark

With what has become a major news story, the Israeli air bombardment on Iranian forces near Iraq has completely set back Iranian arms smuggling into Syria.

While Israel has been given a free hand to strike at Iranian positions in South Western Syria, it has had to use the area South of the Balbaak region in Lebanon in order to sneak around Russian air defense systems installed in Syria. Tuesday night’s attack targeted the Euphrates valley region in South-Eastern Syria in and around Deir el-Zour.


The AP is reporting that the intel for the strike came directly from the USA. Still, to launch an attack from Israel all the way to the Euphrates is not only amazing, but a dramatic escalation and message to the Iranians. With the incoming Biden administration replete with sinophiles, the Israeli government wanted to set back Iranian expansion in the region before inauguration day.

With the region on edge and Trump seemingly leaving office on January 20th, Israel may have to keep pounding away at Iranian position along the Syrian border with Iraq and if possible in Iraq itself in order to set back the Mullah’s advance enough that Jerusalem can weather the Biden administration’s plans for rapprochement with the Mahdi regime in Tehran.

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