IDF Prepares First Strike Options Against Iran

by David Mark

With the Biden administration taking over in a matter of days and its clear insistence that it do everything in its power to reenter the nuclear deal, sources in the IDF and the government claim that the IDF is preparing multiple options to deal with this development.

Given Israel’s new alliance with the Gulf Sunni states, its strategic depth has expanded. To hit Iran it simply has to fly North from the new joint UAE-Israel base near the Emirates. Without the need for refueling or even permission from the USA to fly over Iraq, a preemptive strike becomes far more feasible.

The Biden administration has made it clear that it wants a rapprochement with China. With that in mind, there is a real belief that it will give Iran whatever it wants in order to appease Beijing.

In the past America would have thought twice about butting heads with the Sunni oil producers. However, with the USA now having a leading stake in global oil production due to Trump’s policies, ironically Biden has little reason to listen to Saudi Arabia, the UAE, or Bahrain. This means that any action Israel takes in thwarting both Iranian and Chinese expansion Westward, past the Iran-Iraq border, will have to be done in partnership with its Sunni allies.

With Iran already enriching up to 20% and Biden bringing back Obama’s reckless foreign policy, Israel may have no choice but to strike first.

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