Islamic Jihad in Gaza claims to have Iranian missiles that reach central Israel

by Leah Rosenberg

Does the Islamic Jihad have the ability to bomb central Israel with Iranian missiles? This is a second threat of terrorism from Gaza. The main threat comes from Hamas in Gaza. Islamic Jihad is the smaller terrorist group. As opposed to the Hamas who has declared the clear goal to destroy Israel and all of the Jews, the Islamic Jihad has made it clear that their goal is to destroy Israel and all of the Jews. That’s right, they are basically one in the same. They simply hate each other. But they are united in their hatred towards the State of Israel and the Jewish people

How Did They Get Missiles?

The answer is rather simple. Israel gave away the land that all of these missile-building factories now sit on. Israel used to have their soldiers in charge of the Gaza Strip. It was dangerous, but it contained the threat within Israel’s borders.

But in 2005, under the leadership of Ariel Sharon, Israel literally walked away from the area and removed the nearly ten thousand Jewish people who lived in the area. Once the Arabs in the Gaza Strip had no Israeli Army around, they began digging tunnels, smuggling in weapons from Iran, and manufacturing their own missiles.

This was a strategic mistake of massive proportions. Instead of Israel being able to contain the threats in the South, the threats now include all of Israel’s major population centers around Tel-Aviv. This is not the only threat to Israel. From the North, there are far worse missile threats.

Israel has yet to formally acknowledge that this was a horrible mistake that must be reversed. It will be reversed. The Arab missile threat from the Gaza Strip needs to be removed if Israel wants to live outside of their bomb shelters.

Arab Incitement
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