The world’s biggest anti-semite just got a whole lot worse

by Leah Rosenberg

Louis Farrakhan epitomizes true evil. If you only saw this video and knew nothing else, you would get the point. How can anyone look up to him?

Louis Farrakhan

Louis Farrakhan SHOULD be condemned by EVERYONE in congress. But surprisingly, some of America’s newest congresswomen support him. Rashida Tlaib, Ilhan Omar, and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez applaud him. Yes, people who are supposed to represent America and American values are supporting one of the world’s worst anti-semites. Listening to him speak is almost unbearable. But these women not only listen to him, they adore him. Where is the condemnation of Farrakhan and anyone who supports him?

Will America defend its values and call out such vile hate? Or will they ignore such clear evil? So far, it seems to be the latter. Is antisemitism not important enough for some Americans to address?

The Lies

Louis Farrakhan is not only antisemitic, but he is a complete liar. What he says in this video as well as in other speeches he has made is just not based on any facts at all. Will the congresswomen who support him and who he endorses criticize him? Apparently not. They continue to defend him.

The far left loves to call right wingers racist. They believe our president is racist. But if you want to see what true racism is, look no further than this video. Yet, the left stays silent. Because they will not call out their own party for antisemitism. And that is the sad truth of American politics today.


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