Why there hasn’t been peace in the Middle East

by Leah Rosenberg

If you only listen to the media, you might think there hasn’t been peace in the Middle East because of Israel. But this video tells the truth!

Peace in the Middle East

Everyone seems to talk about it. What is so complicated about peace in the Middle East? Well, to put it simply: one side wants peace, and one side does not. One side educates with love and life, the other side educates with hate and death. Now if you just listen to the news headlines, you would think that Israel is the side that educates with hatred toward the Palestinian Arab people. But nothing is farther from the truth. Israel has tried to make peace time and time again, and the Palestinian Arabs have refused. Not only have they refused, but they have in turn responded with even more terrorism. To which the world blames Israel for.

Believe the Facts

You have to believe the facts. If you ignore the truth, you are really fighting and defending nothing. Historian and author Ken Spiro knows the facts. And he is offering them to the world. But what will people do with the truth? What happens when the world realizes that Israel is not the aggressor? That Israel and the Jewish people desire peace, love peace, and have tried many times to make peace? The Palestinian Arab leadership praises spilled Jewish blood. And so do far too many Palestinian Arabs. Wanting to kill is not how peace in the Middle East will happen. And until the Arabs decide to change their vicious ways, there cannot and will not be peace. But sadly, the world will probably still blame Israel.

Dr. Kedar - Attack on Israel
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