Arabs attack transport vehicle with firebombs in Old City of Jerusalem

by Leah Rosenberg

The Old City of Jerusalem is supposed to be a place of holiness and peace. But when Arab terrorists attack Jews with firebombs, how can there be peace?

The Old City of Jerusalem

The Old City of Jerusalem is a spectacular place. It is ancient. It is beautiful. And it is the location of the Temple Mount. But the Arab terrorists are ruining the holiness. They are desecrating all that is sacred. Including life. They do not value life – that of their own people as well as Jewish lives. They hurled firebombs at a transport vehicle with one aim: to kill Jews. Thank God they were unsuccessful. It was a miracle that no one was injured.

The Jewish Homeland

Israel is the Jewish Homeland. But they still accept others who live there. The problem is that some of those “others” do not accept them. There are many Arabs who want them dead. It has nothing to do with peace or anything else that the world says the conflict is about. The Arabs do not want peace! They want to see Israel and the Jews destroyed. That is why even when Israel offers peace, the Arabs reject it. And instead, they just attack Israel. Sadly, this video showing the aftermath of the firebombs happens all too often.

And until the fire is put out, there won’t be peace…

Col. Kemp

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