The Ilhan Omar parody with a powerful message

by Phil Schneider

OK – this is obviously a parody of Ilhan Omar. It is a joke and much more sad than it is funny. But when things are so ridiculous, sometimes the only thing that gets the point across is parody.

Milo is not really very funny, but he is sharp as a sword. Because of his personal preferences in his personal life and his anti-progressive opinions, he is uniquely placed to criticize aspects of the Muslim faith.

White Supremacists who support Milo

I think that everything Milo says needs to be taken with a grain of salt. He is clearly more about self-promotion and arrogance, more than he is concerned about issues that relate to the welfare of our country.

One must note some of the comments to this video.
“Israel is a much bigger problem than Islam, there wouldn’t a Muslim problem if Zionist supremacists weren’t flooding Europe and emptying out the middle east for “greater israel.” We see through your lies.”

Here’s another dandy,
“Ilhan Omar Calls out how AIPAC corrupts US politics and compromises politicians to go against the interests of Americans.”

Despite the fact that satire is useful, I don’t think this is where it is best used. Ilhan Omar and her ilk can be argued with. The liberal wing of the Democratic party can fight off the threats from within who have a strong anti-Israel and anti-Semitic stance. Watching a Milo video likes this does not lead any well-meaning Democrat to distance themselves from their anti-Semitic wing. It just makes the more racist white supremacists hate whomever they hate a little more.

Read the comments on any Milo video and you’ll see that more bad comes out of his sharp tongue than good.

Dr. Risch

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