Islamic clerics in Iraq arrange selling of 9 year olds for “pleasure marriages”

by Avi Abelow

Islamic clerics are supposed to be religious leaders. But in Islam, that means they promote things like selling 9 year old orphans for “pleasure marriages.”

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Islamic Clerics Promote Sharia Law

Listen to this Islamic cleric in Iraq. Technically speaking, he is just promoting Sharia Law. The problem is that Sharia Law is appalling and sickening. What religion allows for 9 year old orphans to be sold for something called a “pleasure marriage?” Being sold and forced to marry AT ALL is wrong. Even if someone is of marriageable age, they should not be sold into a marriage. But especially a 9 year old orphan? How can this be happening in our world?

Will Sharia Law Come to America?

We should be concerned about this because it is wrong. Human rights organizations should be standing up for these little girls.

But on top of that, we have another issue. There are Muslim congresswomen and organizations in America (such as the Hamas-linked CAIR organization) who want to bring Sharia Law TO AMERICA! Are you going to let that happen?

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