Christian support for Israel is changing the Jewish state for the better

by Phil Schneider

Throughout Jewish history, the Jewish people have had friends and foes wherever they lived in the Exile. There were even times when the Muslim communities were somewhat friendly to the Jewish people. But there were always ups and downs during those times. But the most recent 100 years have seen an historic shift in terms of support or opposition towards the Jewish State of Israel. Many people have lined up in direct opposition to the Jewish State. On the other hand, many people have shifted and understand that there is an enormous Hand of God that is at work in the building up of the modern Jewish State of Israel.

Go it Alone

There are clear sources in the Bible for the Jewish people not relying on others when it comes to their welfare. As a matter of fact, that is one of the essential lessons of World War II for the Jewish people. If the Jewish people are stateless and rely on others for their safety, then a Holocaust can happen. If the Jewish people have an army and a Land – their Land – then they have a place that they can be secure and be able to defend forcefully against outside threats from the Jeremy Corbyns and the Bernie Sanders’ of the world. Yes – the Bernie Sanders’ Jews are part of the problem too. There have always been Jews throughout history who cared nothing about their Jewishness and attempted to assimilate in the country where they lived.

The non-Jewish supporters of the State of Israel are more important to the Jewish State than a Bernie Sanders. Moreover, they are the solution to the problems of the Bernie Sanders and Jeremy Corbyns of the world who don’t shed a tear when Israel is bombed thousands of times from Gaza. The Jewish people cannot afford to go it alone when there are so many implacable foes surrounding them, and in leadership posts around the world. Whether it is the EU, the largely Democratic anti-Israel lobby in Congress, or the United Nations, Israel has no choice but to be in a coalition with those who recognize that everything that is good in the Middle East is Israel, and the anti-Israel lobby is largely a modern version of age-old anti-Semitism. The same people who stood by idly before World War II, and did not allow the Jewish people to escape from Germany would do the same thing now if Israel would be mortally threatened. We need supporters who stand up for the truth and do not cowtow to progressive talking points. Thank God for the non-Jewish pro-Israel lobby and genuine friends of the State of Israel.

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