Is The Biden Administration Backing A Jihadist Nazi Regime?

by David Mark

In the wake of Hamas’ barbaric pogrom on Jewish villages near the Gaza border, US President Joe Biden made it clear that he supports the Jewish State’s right to defend itself. However, that was then and what a difference nearly two months of fighting and mass demonstrations led by Generation Z Woke youth makes.

Biden’s stance has never been as solidly Israel as was claimed by corporate media after the attacks, but with excessive pressure by Secretary of State Blinken and other Islamic appeasing members of his staff, it has gone from confusing to downright confrontational against Israel.

Conversations from Blinken’s last meeting with Israel’s War Cabinet were leaked to Israel’s media and it is now clear that the Biden Administration is not only trying to prevent Israel from winning, but directly harming Israel’s security.

According to the leaked transcript from the meeting, Blinken responded to Defense Minister Yoav Gallant’s assertion that Israel will take months to defeat Hamas if it has to by stating: “I don’t think you have the credit for that.”

Meaning that the Biden administration will not allow Israel to keep fighting much longer.

Israel is completely reliant on American munitions to back up its war effort in both Gaza and Lebanon. Right now, Israel has enough munitions to take out Hamas, but Sinwar’s tactics are going to leave Israel depleted for the next stage of what is becoming a multi-front war which will be to its North with Hezbollah.

Biden’s administration has a plethora of Qatari linked advisors, Hamas supporters, and woke revolutionaries in its midst. None of them want to see Israel continue to exist, let alone win this war. While Biden himself “might” want to support Israel, the growing anti-Israel sentiment in the Democratic base is forcing him to move against Israel.

Instead of taking on the Islamic Nazi regime in Gaza and ultimately Iran, the Biden administration seeks to appease this new form of Naziism with money and a faux evenhandedness with Israel. Will it win Biden the election? Whether it is his goal to win the election or not, does not matter – for his Islamic Nazi appeasing advisors and his woke staffers – taking down Israel is far more important than a second Biden term.

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mhandels December 3, 2023 - 2:20 am

RE: “Israel is completely reliant on American munitions to back up its war effort in both Gaza and Lebanon.” If this is true, then Israel needs to have its defense industry working 3 shifts, 6 days a week to meet demand.

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