Is a Coronavirus vaccine on its way to Israel?

by Leah Rosenberg

Here is what we know about the Pfizer Coronavirus vaccine so far. Yes, it might look promising. But is there more to know?

Hopes for a Coronavirus Vaccine

COVID-19 has completely disrupted the world in ways that no one could have ever imagined. People have died and fallen ill, mental health has been challenged, the emotional wellbeing of adults and children alike has been drained. People have suffered financially. And everyone has had enough. The world wants a Coronavirus vaccine.

People want to be able to go outside without masks, not fear endangering their high-risk loved ones, and more. Parents want their children to be back in school normally without awaiting another closure, business owners do not want to suffer financially anymore or need to close their businesses, and hospitals want to close their Corona wards. Even those who are not afraid of the virus itself are afraid to be locked in their houses if they get the virus.

Everyone is looking for the vaccine; the antidote to this horrible virus.

This video answers some vital questions about the potential COVID-19 vaccine. But at the end of the day, G-d will decide when the vaccine comes into the world. G-d will decide when it is time to defeat COVID-19. We, of course, must put in our human efforts. And we must pray. But we must also have faith in G-d that He is in charge; that He controls the world and what happens in it. A healthy balance between faith in G-d and exerting our own efforts will help us through this international crisis.

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