French-Tunisian Imam slams political Islam for creating a war

by Abi

Political Islam is dangerous. It promotes victimhood. It incites violence. And it’s the reason many people do not think Muslims are peaceful.

The Dangers of Political Islam

It is fascinating listening to this Imam speak about political Islam and what it does to Muslims. Organizations like the Muslim Brotherhood truly ruin the lives of Muslims, their culture, and their existence. And it destroys the lives of others as well in the way it promotes hate, violence, and death. It is responsible for so much brutality in the world.

The Brainwashing

Brainwashing is the norm in many Islamic circles. Coming from the leaders makes it seem acceptable to many Muslims. But it is horrifying. It is a sad reality, but children grow up thinking that murder is good and peace is bad. They are also taught to think that they are victims and that the whole world hates them and discriminates against them. And the result? They fight back hard. Many Muslims might not want this reality. But political Islam has forced it upon them and their children.

Some, like this Imam, are brave enough to fight back against this culture of hate. He stands up to the “cancer,” as he calls it. He points to it as the cause of all disasters for the nation of Islam.

Speaking out against Islam in such a way can be dangerous for the person brave enough to do so – whether one is a Muslim or not. Political Islam does not promote the right to criticize or use freedom of speech. Far from it, actually. But this Imam still spoke up publicly. And for that he deserves a lot of credit!

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