The frightening truth about what’s really happening in America

by Phil Schneider

Glenn Beck believes that corruption is rampant in the media, and especially in the Democratic party. This video is basically a long rant – but it is not an unfounded rant. Beck is an emotional person, and he puts on quite a performance. He is convinced that the election is not over at all, and clearly believes that there is a great conspiracy going on now to do nearly everything to get Donald Trump out of the office.

Decades from now, the 2020 election may be viewed as the election that changed the way that elections are fun in the United States of America. Donald Trump may be able to retain power, or he may not. But it seems very probable that there will be massive distrust in the electoral system – on a level that has not been seen in our lifetime. No matter if Trump loses or wins the legal challenge, the distrust in the system will be sky high. Calls for change will be everywhere – on both sides – and the Supreme Court will probably order a recount in a way that will drive the anti-Trump rabble crazy.

The protests and riots from the Black Lives Matter movement may very well look like child’s play when hundreds of millions of people who hate Donald Trump feel like they can’t drive the orange man out of the White House. 2021 may become known as the year that the political system broke and needed to be rebuilt. Donald Trump may not be the perfect person to rebuild a broken system. But he may be the right person to scream that the system is broken and needs to be fixed.

As the corona vaccine spreads across America, more and more people will not be scared to go out and protest. Most everyone feels too cooped up at home. If there was ever a cause to fight for, the pro-Trump and anti-Trump movements will feel that this is their time. Get ready for what may become one of the rockiest winters in a long time in the United States of America. Change is hard, and especially when it means that extremely powerful groups are about to lose their grip on enormous power.

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