A look inside the radical agenda of the Muslim Brotherhood

by Leah Rosenberg

The radical agenda of the Muslim Brotherhood may be worse than you think. And thanks to Ami Horowitz, the whole world is now aware.

The Radical Agenda

This video reveals the radical agenda of a Muslim group that everyone needs to know about. The Muslim Brotherhood is everywhere. They do not only have a presence in the Arab world, but they are present in America too. They may try to make themselves look somewhat moderate, but any aware person should be able to see passed the facade. It is all a lie. Everyone in the Muslim Brotherhood has the same goal. Although the branches are in different locations and politically different, their main goal is the same. They want Islam to take over the world. To them, terrorism is not something evil. They believe that is what they have to do to achieve their goal. And sadly, people have fallen for their lies.

Now What?

So, now that the truth is out for everyone to see, what will be done? If we do not stop the Muslim Brotherhood and its radical agenda, our future is at stake. Even criminals in jails are being radicalized and converting to Islam. Then when they leave prison, they carry out terrorist attacks. It is frightening!

We cannot just ignore the problem. It affects us and the future of the Western world. The question is, what will be done to ensure that we and our children will be safe?


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