Brooke Goldstein absolutely destroys every person blaming Israel for Muslim terror

by Leah Rosenberg

The world loves blaming Israel for Muslim terror. But how can you blame Israel when this “holy” war has been going on much before the state existed?

Blaming Israel

Muslim terrorists attack Israel. And the world is blaming Israel. Does something seem off here? Israelis are the victims of Palestinian Arab terrorism – on a CONSTANT basis. The Jewish people are a strong nation. So yes, they have learned how to persevere even in the face of terrorist attacks. But then, on top of all the terrorism, to have the world point fingers at the one democracy in the Middle East – well that is just wrong. Innocent Jewish children are being murdered by Palestinian Arab terrorists, and the world blames Israel for existing as the only Jewish state in the world.

What’s the Truth?

Brooke Goldstein lays down the truth for us. Is it because Israel exists that Muslim terrorists go after the Jewish people? Absolutely not. The Muslims have been killing “infidels” for centuries. They teach their children to kill – not only Jews, but everyone who is not a Muslim. They try to justify their terrorism with religion. Religion should be a spiritual, meaningful, and holy pursuit. But the Muslim world has turned it into something else.

As Goldstein said, we are making excuses for the Palestinian Arabs that they themselves do not even make. How can we even begin to excuse terrorism? Under no circumstances is it a proper means to achieve any goal. It should NEVER be tolerated. But right now, the world is not only tolerating terrorism, they are encouraging it and agreeing with it. And that is just horrifying.

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