The horrifying thoughts of a Palestinian Arab terrorist

by Chaya Cikk

Israel has suffered many terror attacks since being declared a state. There can be no justification for a terror attack. What goes on inside the mind of these terrorists is unjustifiable.

Terror Attacks

Terror Before 1948

When did this all start? There was talk of declaring a Jewish and Arab State even before 1948. The Balfour Declaration, 1917, was an announcement made by the British Government “in support of a national homeland for the Jewish People in Palestine”. The United Nations Partition Plan, 1947 was a plan drawn up for there to be an Arab State and Jewish State. The Arabs, however, where not thrilled.

In 1929, there was the Hebron Massacre, where over 60 Jews were murdered. Why? Because the Arabs incited violence, as there were rumors the Jews were planning to take over Temple Mount. 1936-1939 became known as the Arab Revolt, it was an uprising by Palestinian Arabs, terrorists. They demanded an Arab independent state and to end the policy of open-ended Jewish immigration and land purchases with the stated goal of establishing a “Jewish National Home” in Palestine.

There were was a massacre that took place in Safed, 1929. Killing over 20 Jews, this was for the same reason the Hebron Massacre took place. The Grand Mufti of Jerusalem told his Arab followers that the Jews planned to take over the Al Aqsa Mosque on Temple Mount.

The list of attacks before 1948 is endless. Jews killed on the way to Safed. Jews killed in Jaffa, April 1936. Ma’aleh HaChamisha, named after Jews who were killed there, November 1937. Jerusalem riots, 1947 8 Jews killed. Jerusalem, Ben Yehuda Street bombing, over 50 Jews killed February 1948. A convoy bringing medical supplies to the Hadasah Hospital was massacred April 1948, 78 Jews killed including doctors and nurses.

Terror After 1948

May 1948 David Ben Gurion stood in a hall in the city of Tel Aviv and declared the State of Israel, the Jewish homeland. From that day on their neighbors have been trying to destroy Israel. From the beginning the Arabs from surrounding countries such as Lebanon, Jordan, Syria, Egypt, Iraq, Iran, and Saudi Arabia have been out to destroy Israel and the Jews living in it.

The list of attacks that has occurred by Arab terrorists since the State of Israel was declared is endless. Since 2001 there have been over 20,000 rockets fired into Israel from terrorists. The suicide bomber attacks are countless. From 2018 to 2019 the names added on the list of names for Yom HaZikaron, Israel’s Remembrance Day has now reached over 100. The list now reaching over 23,000 names.

The Terrorist

The terrorists want nothing more than to push the Jews into the Sea and wipe them out. They do not want to see a Jewish State in their homeland. There are Arab terrorists who do this to make Allah proud, they do this to make their parents proud, they do this for the money their government is paying them. This is a terrible society. What kind of parent is proud of their child for killing? raping? another human being? What kind of society is this?

Dr. Kedar - Ra'am
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