Imagine if this was said to you

by Leah Rosenberg

Take a look at this horrific antisemitism in Crown Heights, Brooklyn. Can you believe that things like this happen in New York?

Warning: Graphic language.

Crown Heights

This is not the first antisemitic incident in Crown Heights. Crown Heights is in Brooklyn and is home to many Orthodox Chabad Jews. Chabad is a sect of Hasidim.

Sadly, Jews living there have been subject to too much antisemitism. No one wants to be a victim of a hate crime. And what has been said and done to Jews on many occasions is just horrific. And this case is horrific as well. The man in this video uses vile language and says that Hitler should have killed all the Jews. What an awful, awful thing to say.

Where Do People Learn Such Hate?

Where did this man learn to curse out Jews this way? Would you ever want something like what he said being said to you? And the Jew calmly responds, “Not nice…nobody did anything to you.” The Jewish people are not instigating or causing issues. They have been tormented and persecuted for centuries for no other reason other than the fact that they are Jewish. It just seems never ending. And we really must do everything we can to rid our world of this hatred!

Israel Memorial Day
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