They Told me Not to Meet this “Far-Right” European Parliament Member

by Avi Abelow

Last week I met Janice Atkinson, MEP ENF in the EU, at a movie premiere of her movie “Homelands” in Jerusalem. She is called a far-right European politician and I was warned not to go to the movie screening. I wanted to see the movie and meet this woman to find out for myself why people call her far-right and why so many people warned me about meeting her.

I asked her all the questions to find out the truth about what she thinks about Jew-hatred, Muslim-hatred and why she thinks people told me that I should be afraid of her. Please watch and judge for yourself.

Atkinson produced the movie “Homelands” with Katie Hopkins on the situation of Jews & Christians in Western Europe. “Homelands” documents the silent exodus of European Jews from Europe due to the growing Jew-hating violence of Islamism. It also focuses on the danger the growing Islamic community in Europe poses to European Christians. This is a must see movie.

There are many who warned me from meeting Janice because she is labeled “far-right” and therefore dangerous to Jews and to Western society. She is a member of a EU parliament faction associated with Marine Le Pen-founded Europe of Nations and Freedom faction, which are all far-right.

While it is true that there are plenty of real Jew-haters affiliated with far-right parties in Europe, that does not automatically make all people associated with those parties Jew-haters. As the enemies of the Jewish people are growing in the Western world on the left, right and in the Muslim community, we need to be careful to not paint everyone as a Jew-hater, while standing strong for everyone to denounce the true Jew-haters, on all sides.

Since Janice Atkinson was here in Jerusalem for the movie screening, I took advantage of having her here to ask her questions to understand what she believes, why she is labeled far-right etc.

Dr. Risch

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