Katie Hopkins in Jerusalem Premieres Her Movie On The Danger of Islamism

by Avi Abelow

British media personality Katie Hopkins was present in Jerusalem for the Israel premiere of her movie “Homelands”. “Homelands” documents the silent exodus of European Jews from Europe due to the growing Jew-hating violence of Islamism. It also focuses on the danger the growing Islamic community in Europe poses to European Christians. This is a must see movie.

“Super excited to be here in the heart of Jerusalem,” Hopkins said in the video. “Despite the best efforts of the very small minded Left… to shut us down – we’ve moved venues three times – still, we have prevailed. Looking forward to welcoming our audience tonight.”

The representative body of British Jewry, Board of Deputies, pressured three venues in Israel to cancel the screening until a location in Jerusalem offered to host it. Sadly, organized Jewish leadership in Britain still remains silent regarding the growing threat of Jew-hatred from Islam. Yes, there is Jew-hatred on the right, as there is Jew-hatred on the left and Jew-hatred from the growing Muslim community in Europe. But Katie Hopkins, and her co-producer, Janice Atkinson are not far-right Jew-haters or Israel haters.

Both Katie Hopkins and Janice Atkinson spoke at the Jerusalem screening, as well as in the movie, and they are extremely supportive of the European Jewish community and Israel. They seem to be more supportive of the Jewish community in Europe, and of Israel as the homeland of the Jewish people, than some of the leadership of British Jewry, who ignore the real threat the growing Muslim British community pose to British Jews.

Amos Schonfield, a representative of the Board of Deputies that pressured the Israeli screening locations to cancel the screenings, wrote in an article in the Haaretz newspaper that the movie is an “an openly Islamophobic “documentary”.” How the writer can say such a thing without even seeing the movie is beyond me.

No, the movie is not Islamophobic. It does a very good job of interviewing people in Europe and in Israel who share their personal experiences in Europe. Through these interviews, it also does a wonderful job of showing Israel as the homeland of the Jewish people. There is nothing Islamophobic about it. The movie is filled with factual occurrences that are mostly all known and documented.

Understanding that Schonfield has a problem with Katie Hopkins, he should still withold from commenting on the movie before he watches it.

Screening Problematic for Leadership of British Jewry

Hopkins was joined in Israel by Janice Atkinson who co-produced the movie with Hopkins. Atkinson is a European MEP in the EU, a member of a faction associated with Marine Le Pen-founded Europe of Nations and Freedom faction. These are associations that displease the leadership of British Jewry, leading them to try so hard to shut down the premiere screening of “Homelands” in Israel.

While it is true that there are plenty of real Jew-haters affiliated with far-right parties in Europe, that does not automatically make all people associated with those parties Jew-haters. As the enemies of the Jewish people are growing in the Western world on the left, right and in the Muslim community, we need to be careful to not paint everyone as a Jew-hater, while standing strong for everyone to denounce the true Jew-haters, on all sides.

Interview with Janice Atkinson

The Pressure Campaign

The Board of Deputies pressured a number of locations to cancel hosting the movie premiere last minute. One of those places was the Begin Center in Jerusalem.

Begin Center Letter of Cancellation

The Begin Center is a cultural center and Museum in memory of the late Israeli Prime Minister Menachem Begin, a leader of the right-wing Likud party in Israel. Many were shocked to hear that the Begin Center caved into the pressure. Here is the letter the Begin Center provided to one of the organizers, in protest of the last minute change in canceling the event:

Shalom, We received your request this morning for the screening of the film “Homeland”. Unfortunately, we were led by your representative to believe that this is a mainstream film that is not offensive to the general public in any way.Our research in recent hours has found that this film has already been banned by several venues due to it being offensive to large groups in Israeli society. As a publicly funded organization, we cannot screen such films at the Menachem Begin Heritage Center.In light of the above, we have no choice but to cancel the screening of the film tonight at the Begin Center. We will refund the cost of the room rental payment immediately.We apologize for the inconvenience, had we been given this information in advance, both sides would have been spared the trouble and frustration. Sincerely,Tamar Darmon

Organizer’s Response to Begin Center

Ms. Darmon,
THIS e-mail is offensive, You were not misled in ANY WAY – Prior to your acceptance, you were told that other venues succumbed to this vicious libel and cancelled the screening last minute. Moreover, this film should not be offensive to anyone in Israeli society.This film is an indictment of European policies of mass muslim migration and its malign consequences for Jews; and that is quite evident from the trailer you were sent.What’s more, the film can be no less offensive to “large groups in Israeli society” than a weeks worth of BDS / “Naqba” screenings in Jerusalem’s “publicly funded” movie houses. Either you believe in truth and free speech or you don’t. The idea that a venue memorializing Menachem Begin has chosen to align itself with BDS, vicious anti-semites is simultaneously surreal and profoundly disappointing.

Homelands Trailer

Hassan-Nahoum, who watched the film, backed the event, despite concerns raised by Board Deputy Tal Ofer on social media.

“I believe in freedom of speech and so [sic] I did and I assume your organisation does too when you did nothing to stop the nabka movie week promoting BDS at the cinematheque a few months ago,” she wrote in an apparent reference to the Board of Deputies.

“There was no hate speech in the movie that was shown so I would suggest you see it before passing judgement,” she added.

Among the critics, Ofer called for her resignation, writing: “The Deputy Mayor of Jerusalem have let British Jews and the Diaspora down and her position as Jerusalem’s Diaspora Minister is untenable.

“We would expect her resignation from this diaspora role.”

Hassan-Nahoum dismissed Ofer’s criticim, writing: “You don’t speak for the Board of Deputies as I have now discovered so any talk of resignation should be about yours. I was elected and the people of Jerusalem will decide whether I stay or go not a left wing activist from London.”

After the event, Hopkins thanked the venue for screening her film, writing on Twitter: “My thanks to tenacious Israeli friends for screening Homelands last night – documenting the Jexodus from Western Europe despite pressure from London to shut us down [….] we prevailed. We hosted Homelands in the very place where the Holocaust was predicted, 15 years prior.”

Asaf Barki, CEO of Beit Uri Zvi, told Jewish News: “It sounds like propaganda. I know a lot of Jews from Great Britain that say great things about her.

“[The film] was wonderful. No problems. There’s nothing I can say about it, not antisemitic. She stood here yesterday and talked about Israel and Jews. Only good words.”

In a statement issued later, the venue said: “The left wing is not the sole owner of the truth, nor the only one who practice liberty and freedom of speech.

“So it is hard for us to fathom the attack from the left corner of the political arena on a Mrs. Hopkins as a Jews hater, when last night she honored the state of Israel by singing HaTikva, our national anthem.”

Board of Deputies President Marie van der Zyl said: “Katie Hopkins is a deeply divisive figure – history has taught us that the far-right are no friends of the Jewish community.

“We have been in touch with the Jerusalem municipal authorities to convey our concerns.”

Dr. Risch

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