Ilhan Omar’s foolish comments debunked from beginning to end

by Avi Abelow

Ilhan Omar’s foolish comments about Israel are so absurd that you’ll get a good kick out of them! You don’t have to know very much to refute her lies.

Refuting Omar’s Foolish Comments

The Israel Advocacy Movement does a perfect job in this video fighting every one of Ilhan Omar’s foolish comments with the truth. It really is not so hard. You do not have to be THAT educated to see she is lying. You just have to know some basic statistics and facts.

Like the fact that the Jewish state is called Israel, not “Palestine.” Or that Jews can only enter 3% of Hebron, while the Arabs have 97% of the ancient Jewish city! What about the fact that Hebron is STILL an economic hub? She said it “once was.” And Bethlehem? The Arabs control majority of it! She says only 13%? What a blatant lie! Her lies are so easily refuted because the truth is right there for all to see! You do not even need to go digging for it…

She’s Antisemitic, Don’t Believe Her

Congresswoman Ilhan Omar is an antisemite. So, why would anyone believe what she says about the Jews and Israel? Her goal is clearly to destroy Israel. She wants to rid the world of Israel and the Jews. And if she can’t do it physically, well then, she’ll try to do it with her lies.

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