Massive Military attack by Turkey on Northern Syria

by Avi Abelow

Northern Syria was just bombarded by Turkey. Did the United Nations condemn the attack? Did they say anything about Turkey trying to ethnically cleanse the Kurds?

Turkey Attacks Northern Syria

After the US withdrew 50 US military men from the area, Turkey launched its long-awaited ground and air offensive in Northern Syria in a bid to create a ‘safe zone’ free of Kurds. Any word from the United Nations about the Turkish attack and plan for ‘occupation’ and ‘ethnic cleansing’ of Kurds in Northern Syria? The silence is deafening.

When it’s Israel Defending Herself…

Yet, when Israel defends herself from rocket attacks from Hamas in Gaza or Hizballah in Lebanon, the United Nations condemns Israel! Can you believe it? The UN is silent when Turkey launches an offensive against the Kurds to get rid of them, but when Israel is being bombarded with rockets and terror tunnels, the UN blames ISRAEL!

What a twisted world we live in. It is truly hard to believe that the UN has failed so miserably. Right and wrong is usually black and white. And somehow, the UN has confused the two. Maybe one day the body that is supposed to defend human rights and the innocent worldwide will wake up.

Maybe one day…

In the Meantime in Northern Syria…

In the meantime, the Muslim Middle East is continuing with its centuries-long battle. Muslims have been fighting fellow Muslims, and persecuting minorities in their midst for 1,300 years. Now with Turkey invading Northern Syria, Iran is threatened and will have to focus more on fighting Turkey and the Syrian Sunnis and focus less of destroying Israel.

While the media is only focused on how President Trump is “abandoning” the Kurds, it is ignoring the true story of Trump’s move and its strategic implications on the region. If the Western media really cared about minorities in the Middle East, they would have been vocal about the massive massacre of Yazidis over the years, the continued persecution of Christians in Iraq, Syria and Egypt, and tons of other continued persecutions of minorities by Muslims in the Middle East. Yet the media, Western politicians and world bodies are silent about all of those, yet vocal about this one little pro-Iranian sect of Kurds who helped fight ISIS?

While every persecution of minorities should get the attention necessary, the massive media talking point about the “abandonment” of this one Kurdish sect, should caue people to question “why now, why only this group?”

Praying for true peace in the Middle East, when the Western world and the media truly care about the lives of all minorities in the Middle East.

Dr. Risch

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