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Israel Shoots Down Rockets Launched from Gaza


Gaza terrorists launched rockets at Israel on Saturday night, around 9 pm. The Iron Dome anti-missile defense system intercepted two of the rockets, according to the IDF.

“A siren was set off in city of Sderot and in the kibbutzes of Gevim and Nir Am, in the Sapir College, in the town of Ibim, and in the Havat Shikmim ranch,” the IDF confirmed. “Details are being investigated.”

A later IDF statement read: “Following the reports regarding sirens that sounded a few minutes ago, three projectiles were recognized to have been launched from the Gaza Strip into Israeli territory. Two projectiles were intercepted by the Iron Dome aerial defense system.”

Remains of one of the rockets fell in the courtyard of a Sderot home.

“At 9:10p.m. a report was received at MDA’s Lachish Regional Dispatch for a rocket which landed in the Sderot area.”

“NO bodily injuries were sustained in the incident. MDA EMTs and Paramedics are treating a 30 year old female for a panic attack.

“MDA EMTs and Paramedics are treating six people, two of whom sustained minor injuries while running to the shelter: A 40-year-old man who fell from his electric bicycle and a woman who fell in her home. In addition, MDA teams are treating four people with panic attacks, of which one, a 76 year old woman, is being evacuated to Barzilai Hospital. Two others include a 30-year-old women and a man did not require evacuation.”