Israel’s decision that’s getting everyone’s attention

by Leah Rosenberg

Israel’s decision might be getting the world’s attention, but sadly, for the wrong reasons. People are criticizing Israel. But the decision was moral!

Israel’s decision on Omar and Tlaib

Well, what would you do? Why would you let someone into your home if their plan was to destroy it, whether that be physically or just to destroy its reputation? Wouldn’t you stop enemies from entering your home?

So, why does the world treat Israel differently? Israel’s decision to Ban Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib was right and moral. Those two congressswomen are enemies of Israel. They do not want to go to Israel to see all the good they do. They do not want to go to Israel to meet with Israeli officials and spread the good name of Israel. No, they want to go to what they call “Palestine.” Omar and Tlaib do not even recognize the state of Israel! Their goal was to meet with Palestinian Arab officials – with terrorists.

Hillel Fuld Perfectly Explained it

Hillel Fuld, brother of Ari Fuld who was murdered by a Palestinian Arab terrorist, said it perfectly. Fuld said:

“I’m about to shock you. You won’t believe this but I have a very unpopular opinion on this whole Ilhan Omar/Rashida Tlaib stupidity. Shocker; I know. Before I tell you what it is, have no doubt, I read all the tweets, all the articles, all the arguments for and against. No need to try and convince me otherwise, although feel free if you’d like. It’s quite simple in my mind. Were these nice women coming to Israel to cause us harm? Did they have sinister intentions? If so, Israel should not give them that opportunity and allow them to use their platform to spread more lies than they already do in Congress. That’s it. Was there precedent? Did the US ever ban an Israeli politician from entering? Yes. Did other countries ban people from entering who the government believed did not serve their national interest? Yes. Have Omar and Tlaib proved beyond any shadow of a doubt that they are anti the state of Israel, and by extension, antisemitic? Yes they have. Again, I’ve read all the opinions. “This is a sign of weakness. It’s like Israel has something to hide.” Um no. These women are vicious liars. We’ve seen the “peace activists” come and bait soldiers just to get them angry so they can record them in their anger. We know this game. We’ve seen it many times before. The itinerary of their trip to Israel is publicly available. Guess what’s it called. “A trip to Palestine.” That’s right. Israel doesn’t exist to these people. It’s a legitimate concern that it’ll now be on the record that Israel banned two Congress women from entering. Yes. I don’t like that. It’s a price we gotta pay for doing what’s right. Not letting these women into our country for them to spread their poison is the right thing to do. Morally right. That’s all that matters to me. What the world will say, how these two haters will spin this as if they’re being banned because they’re Muslim, how our enemies will call us racist because of this decision? All irrelevant, or at least secondary to the primary concern. Their hateful agenda should not be given the opportunity to spread their hate here and from here. Also, yes, politics means that when your ally asks you for something and that something also happens to be the right thing to do, and that ally has done a ton for you, you comply. You don’t have to, but it’s how the game is played. Oh, and,l as a result of this decision, AOC has announced she won’t visit Israel. So yea, wins all around. We are no longer in physical exile. We are home. We are the homeowners and we decide who comes over for dinner and who doesn’t. We won’t be the most popular family in the neighborhood if we don’t invite over that young cool hip family that just moved in and makes a ton of noise? It’s a price I’m willing to pay. Their entire schedule? Not one meeting with an Israeli official, all Palestinian leaders, many of whom are responsible for the terror in this region. They wanted to come here to cause us harm. We won’t, and shouldn’t allow that.”

Arab Incitement
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