Trump administration has protected religious freedom worldwide, and every Christian should be proud

by Phil Schneider

President Trump does not come off as a very religious man. Yet he is certainly a proud American who appreciates the freedoms of the United States. That includes religious freedom among many other freedoms. That is why he is perfectly situated to stand in the way of tyranny and anti-religious freedom measures all over the world. He is not moved by religious ideology as much as the simple logic that values basic rights of human beings. This is a classical American liberal stance. This should not be lauded only by Republicans, but by all freedom-loving individuals. However, due to the fractious nature of American politics today – due in no small part to President Trump’s divisive rhetoric – this will probably be overlooked by anyone who is not in the pro-Trump camp.

Back to the Basics

The last few years have been some of the most divisive in the modern history of the United States. There are far too many people who place themselves squarely on one side of the political theatre, and far too few people who decide on things in an issue-by-issue manner.

When was the last time you met someone who said something like this, “I support President Trump on his foreign policy agenda, but don’t support his domestic policies…” Instead, the common refrains in the highly charged political climate are usually emotional and personal, “Trump is a blank blank,” or, “He’s the best president we’ve had in generations..” What about discussions on specific issues? Can’t the majority of the United States agree on some matters like working for freedom of religion in dictatorships being a good thing? Can’t we agree that name-calling by President Trump of his political rivals is a childish thing that all Republicans should denounce?

It is time for a political reset where we don’t merely respond in knee-jerk fashion to any issue that President Trump deals with. Rather, we ought to raise up the discourse from the low levels that President Trump has brought them down to and focus on the issues. It is high-time that people within the Republican party decide to confront President Trump when he gets out of line with his childish tweets, and liberals in the Democratic party praise President Trump when he institutes policies that they agree with.

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