Suspicious Arab dressed as Jew stopped from boarding bus to Jerusalem

by Leah Rosenberg

When Ben Goldstein saw a suspicious Arab dressed as a Jew headed to Jerusalem, he knew just what to do. Who knows what could have happened otherwise?

Ben Goldstein

Ben Goldstein has made it his mission to protect Israel and the Jewish people. He lives in the Judean Hills and is proud to keep his people and country safe.

And that is exactly what he did here as he was patrolling the streets. It is sad that he even needs to devote his life to this, but these are the times we live in. Although many Arabs do not want to harm the Jews, many do. And for that reason, Israel needs constant security.

Suspicious Arab by Jerusalem Bus

As Goldstein recaps what happened, it is frightening to think about the fact that Arabs go as far as to dress as Jews to trick people who are not aware. There have been terrorist attacks carried out by Arabs who pretended to be Jews, and for that reason, Israelis need to be aware of their surroundings – even when someone may look Jewish.

The Jewish people need to do whatever they can to protect themselves. It does not matter what the world thinks. This is life and death we are talking about – literally. If Ben Goldstein would have ignored his gut feeling and let the Arab get on a bus to Jerusalem, something terrible might have happened. And it is a good thing we did not have to find out what it may have been.

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