Celebrating Israel with Bon Jovi!

by Chaya Cikk

Everyone came together celebrating Israel by singing it’s my life by Bon Jovi. This is absolutely spectacular. Such a pleasure to watch every unite and of course a pleasure to listen to.

Celebrating Israel

There are many reasons to celebrate Israel. The State of Israel was founded just over 70 years ago and this is an absolute miracle. We celebrate miracles every day. Israel is a small country that against all odds has survived many wars. Additionally, it continues to thrive even against its neighbors’ wishes.

Furthermore, Israel has achieved so much, more than anyone could even imagine. Israel has helped countries all over the world. It is the leading country in many fields, such as medicine, science, technology, agriculture and more. All of these achievements are a reason to celebrate.

Finally, the unity in this video is amazing. It shows something really special. No matter what background you have, if you meet another Jew you automatically feel connected. You share a connection, it is something that is hard to explain but all Jews from all over the world are one people.

It’s My Life

This is a great song. For me, this song really has a deeper meaning to it. The lyrics go “It’s my life and it’s now or never”. It’s your life and you should live life to the fullest potential. Enjoy your life and really try and fulfill your dreams. As the song continues to say “I ain’t gonna live forever”.

“I ain’t gonna be just a face in the crowd” stand out from everyone else. Be unique! Do something amazing that you will be remembered for. As the song continues “this is for the ones who stood their ground” understanding that people should stand up for themselves. My conclusion is this is a great song and I could definitely listen to this all day.

Arab Incitement
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